July 25, 2013

… and the seller says

I called one of our clients, whom we had consulted in selling their business to ask if he could write a comment to be published in our newsletter iDeal on mergers and acquisitions concerning their experience during this selling process. I got a positive response. The message that I received a few days later read as follows:

When we first met with your team, we were thinking that the whole process was made up of a series of routine operations. However, selling a part or all of your company shares is the most important journey of your life. And you are as good as the team travelling together with you.

For an adviser it would be hard to receive a more rewarding comment than this one. It also emphasizes a very important issue for our business:
“[...] we were thinking that the whole process was made up of a series of routine operations.”

This is the reality. What you read in the newspapers on the sales of big companies like banks could be made up of routine processes. However, looking at the sales of SMEs from the point of view of their owners you realize that the whole process is a journey which contains unforeseeable crossroads.

In such a journey the decision whether to employ a driver or not belongs of course solely to the company owners. If like me you have previously sold 5 of your own companies, you may also enjoy the whole process. If you haven’t sold any… I would recommend that you read once more the comment above by our client.

The oldie of the week: Sade – Smooth Operator (1984)

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