June 13, 2013

Piano player of the presidents

The American pianist Van Cliburn died on February 27, 2013 at the age of 78. In his youth his record of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No 1 achieved the first platinum record status in classical music. His concerts were always sold out; whenever he was seen on the street, a chaos would break out; a fan club of Elvis Presley changed its name to his name; the US presidents would call him to perform for their guests. I think neither most of my readers nor many people in the world remember him today.

The world is forgetting at a faster pace each day. It will forget both me and you even faster than it has forgotten Van Cliburn. Same is true also for our companies.

I had sold one of my companies during 1990′s to a billion dollar company, then well known in the world, which was in turn purchased by one of the global giants within a year of the acquisition of our company. Less than 20 years after these acquisitions there is almost no one who remembers the company that purchased us, let alone my company.

It is very hard to look at tomorrow with today’s spectacles. I cannot tell you not to try to make history for tomorrow, but I can propose to you to live your life today. Even if it needs selling your company shares…

If you would like to view Van Cliburn in his concert in Moscow in 1958, please click here.

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