June 6, 2013

“And you let her go.”

Passenger (Mike Rosenberg) says in the song Let Her Go, “Only miss the sun when it starts to snow / Only know you love her when you let her go.” And then he continues as, “And you let her go.” In short, he means that you understand the value of something when it is no longer there.

This point is questioned both consciously and subconsciously by the business owners, who wish to sell their company shares irrespective of their reasons for the sales. “Once I sell my shares, I will lose my power. What should I do then?” is the question, even though it may not be formed in such a direct way, that puts some of them to deep thinking. Only because of this reason it is possible to see some businessmen who stop the whole sales process even near the end of it.

When we feel that our client is leaning in such a direction, we first try to keep him from deciding only with his emotions. Our aim is to make sure that he gives his decisions also based on concrete data. A company share is also a product and should be treated as such. There are always more pleasant ways to satisfy the feelings of longing.

If you would like to listen to Let Her Go from Passenger, please click here.

The oldie of the week: The Cars – Who’s Gonna Drive You Home (1984)

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