May 23, 2013

Order not collected

The man produces based on clients’ orders. At this time he is overwhelmed with projects and is struggling through one of the most important works of his life. Despite his overload, someone saying that his situation is really urgent, enforces the producer to accept his order. But due to unknown reasons the purchaser does not return to collect it. The producer writes a note on it, stating a short serenade (meaning in German: Nacht-Musik) and August 10, 1787, and leaves it somewhere aside. This producer is Mozart, and at that time he was busy in writing the opera Don Giovanni.

Sometime after the death of Mozart his widow Constanze sold the undelivered order to a publisher, together with some other works of him. Today, Eine Kleine Nacht-Musik is most probably Mozart’s best known and the most frequently played piece.

During our preparatory meetings with our clients, seeking a partner in their company, we try to learn about the products and services in which they were interested in the past or might be interested in the future. They might have worked on some of these while they might have only thought about the others. Irrespective of the results they obtained, we make use of these experiences of them while preparing the list of potential acquirers. Sometimes a product or a service from the past, which had not been realized, could draw the attention of a prospect more than the current products and services.

If you would like to listen to Eine Kleine Nacht-Musik played on period instruments, please click here.

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