May 16, 2013

You show me love

You show me love, you show me love / You show me everything my heart is capable of / And now I can’t break away from this fire that we started

These lines are from Iyeoka’s song Simply Falling. Those could be the best words to expess your feelings to the one you love. You may talk about your heart and the fire that you started together with your sweetheart.

One might be inclined to think that selling a company has nothing to do with the hearts of the sellers and with starting a fire. Many shareholders consider company marriages to be made up of processes where financial figures are thrown around and which are completely devoid of emotions. This may be true if it is a company managed by professionals and with a turnover of some billion dollars. However, if you are the owner or partner of an SME, then you may face a lot of emotionality which you hadn’t foreseen.

Sales of company shares is also a process in which people interact with each other. There will be emotions also in this process like in any other relationship involving people. Maybe you don’t say to your potential acquirer, “You show me love” but the writer of this blog has sat at many negotiation tables  where somebody “couldn’t break away from the fire that was started.”

If you would like to listen to Iyeoka’s song Simply Falling, please click here.

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