May 2, 2013

La campanella

In addition to being a composer and a teacher Franz List (1811-1886) is considered by some to be the best pianist of the 19th century. La campanella (little bell), composed in 1851, is one of the examples showing his supremacy and advanced technology in playing the piano. It is as if he is searching for the utmost point that the human anatomy can reach. Also, he makes the pianist to race against time. It is such a race that if you do not play at the correct tempo and you try to cheat, then the piece destroys itself. The bell is no longer a bell. :-)

While playing the piano, they put the musical notes in front of you. If your knowledge and technique is adequate, then you succeed in the performance. The business life is not so simple. You need to create your own musical notes. It is up to you whether to ‘play’ slowly or fast the instrument that is your company. At the end of the year you are evaluated on how well you have played this instrument.

We tell our clients, seeking a partner in their company, that a potential acquirer is interested in the future, not the past. This is really true. The potential acquirer is interested in the forecast concerning the results of joining forces. Of course, while preparing these forecasts the potential acquirer is also interested in the way that the existing shareholder ‘plays’ his company. Irrespective of how good the forecast is, if the businessman, who is to realize these results, has not shown the ability to ‘play’ correctly in the past, then it will be hard to persuade the potential acquirer concerning the future results.

If you would like to listen to La campanalla from Valentina Lisitsa, please click here.

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