April 18, 2013

Got Talent

Competitions are important areas for those who produce program formats for TVs worldwide. Currently, there are many programs where various talents compete fiercely. After watching some of them a couple of times you see that there are so many admirers of Michael Jackson and that everybody is so into Hip Hop, Popping and similar dances. After a while – just like the jury members sometimes say – the comment, “We’ve seen a lot of this. Don’t you have any different figures?” comes up. :-)

If performed well, even the dance that you like the least differentiates itself from the crowd. My partner Metin Aktay just recently sent me a video of a special performance. Great show.

During all my seminars on the marriage of companies, at some point I ask the participants the same question: “Why should I buy your shares instead of some other company’s?” Following the basic principles of marketing, you need to have a differentiating feature. A very important part of our consultancy work is about finding such features and ensuring their correct communication.

If you would like to view the dance video that I have mentioned, please click here.

The oldie of the week: The Bangles – Walk Like An Egyptian (1986)

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