April 11, 2013

Stopping the sweat

I remember a seminar that I had to give because the invited speaker couldn’t come due to some reason. I gave that seminar years ago to about 500 participants in a subject about which I was not very knowledgeable at that time. My partner Cigdem, sitting in the first row, had difficulty in keeping up with the supply of paper tissues to me to wipe the sweat on my forehead. Were those drops of sweat needed? Couldn’t I have taken my nervous system in control in some way?

Under pressure and especially at such first experiences the body might give a reaction in some way.

Your body might be going through a similar process as you market your company and yourself as the owner of the company to a potential acquirer. I have seen some business people showing various symptoms while others showed none. Some keep their systems under control and do not display their inner conditions. Irrespective of whether the signs can be observed from the outside or not, the stress that arises in similar situations may influence the way a person acts.

To avoid such problems the method that I have developed in time is to break up the connection between the brain and the heart. The brain, “knowing” that it cannot converse with the heart, does not ask the heart about its feelings on the subject. Thus, you do not get emotional. Moreover, in such a situation the ego does not make its existence known. Once the brain is left to itself, then it handles the situation more easily.

The oldie of the week: Tina Turner – What´s love got to do with it (1984)

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