April 4, 2013

Talent is not distributed fairly!

Julia Fischer, born in 1983, wanted to play the piano but started with the violin since her brother was already playing the piano and a diversity was wanted in the family. When she was 9 years old, she was accepted to Munich Academy of Music. Today her violin repertoire includes more than 40 pieces of concerts from Bach to Vivaldi and roughly 60 pieces of chamber concerts. And additionally, on Jan.1, 2008 she played Grieg’s piano concerto in A-minor in Frankfurt as a pianist.

One should have some modesty. :-) As a violin player once in a while you might also play the piano at home, but you do not flaunt your talent by giving concerts with piano pieces performed by well-known pianists. Obviously, we too have our understanding of competence, and our feelings of jealousy. :-)

Some of the businessmen, seeking a partner in their company, may possess various abilities, which are way over the requirements of their business. The extent of revealing such competences to a potential acquirer and the timing of such disclosures should be discussed beforehand. It should not be forgotten that the managers of the potential acquirer have feelings and ideas just like any other human being. Just as they wouldn’t like to be partners with a person without any relevant capabilities, they may also be reluctant to be partners with someone who claims to be knowledgeable about many different issues.

I really don’t wish to watch Julia playing the oboe. :-) If you would like to view her playing the violin, please click here; or to view her piano concert, please click here.

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