March 21, 2013

Hindi Zahra

Hindi Zahra, a Franco-Moroccan singer, was born in Morocco in 1979. Stand Up is one of the songs in her CD, launched in 2009, and its lyrics include the line, “Stand up on your two feet.” Standing up on one’s own two feet is a phrase used quite often in our social lives. It is possible to use it also in business life.

As part of our job we analyze hundreds of companies each year. It is very important for us to see that the companies can stand on their own feet. Sometimes it is possible to wobble due to unavoidable reasons. As long as the reasons are known, this is not very important. However, if the past management decisions have made it difficult for the company to stay upright, then this unhealthy state should be analyzed in detail and ways of overcoming this situation should be found.

This issue is one of the discussion points in our preparatory work with our clients. We prepare with them a business plan for the next 3 years, whereby we show the potential acquirers that we can stand on our own two feet.

A potential acquirer is inclined to give a higher value to a company that is able to stand on its own feet and which is seeking a partner to make a jump.

If you would like to listen to the song Stand Up, please click here.

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