March 14, 2013

Aging past

The same people… I had listened to their music in my 20’s and 30’s. I look at their current pictures or videos. It is a strange feeling. Different than looking at myself in the mirror. They have aged! :-)

When we are young we have questions. For example, how will I feel in the next years? Nothing changes, my friend. :-) You are the same person. This has both positive and negative sides. The positive side is that as long as someone does not remind you of your age, you still feel yourself just like in the old days. The negative side is that one day, usually as a result of a physical incident, they might remind you that statistically the number of your future days is not so big.

We find ourselves in such a position where we need to show this reality to some of the businessmen, who are trying to draw a new road-map for their company. If they do not have any family members to continue running the company… If there are signs of being depressed… If they start to risk all that they have accumulated… If meetings concerning financial issues bring headaches rather than solutions, etc… It might be the right time for them to sell their company. Even though all of them know that they will not be younger tomorrow, some of them may need time for comprehension. :-)

Since we cannot stop the time… My solution is to flow quicker than the time: Doing what I want to do, and not doing what I don’t want to do…

The oldie of the week: Alphaville – Forever Young (1984)

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