February 14, 2013

The Cashmere Road

From newspapers (2012): […] After selling 45 percent of the company shares of Silk&Cashmere, its CEO Aysen Zamanpur said that utilizing the synergy of the acquisition they are targeting to triple their turnover in the next five years […].

“And I thought you would connect the subject to our shop on that beautiful road… :-)” wrote Aysen Zamanpur to me following my blog on the Portobello road in London. My response was, “I didn’t see the shop on Portobello but I visited the ones in Zurich and I congratulate you.” Her next message was, “Don’t forget the shop in Paris.” :-)

Silk&Cashmere is an exciting success story. Published a few months ago TheCashmere Road is a kind of a biography of Aysen Zamanpur. She describes this book as her ‘first and last novel’.

I think I understand her excitement. You tend to forget what you have gone through while you experience the realization of the dream you had at some point in your past. It is a way of satisfaction, which is not easy to explain. Aysen Zamanpur has succeeded in describing it.

One of the parts in the book that I found interesting is the beginning of this sentence: “That day, again because of the horse running inside me faster than me…” This is a driving force, whose source you do not really know.

You see this “horse” in the young business owners who are seeking a partner for their company. It is really this horse that makes them successful in realizing the partnership. Moreover, what is sold is not a part of the company but is in reality that horse.

If you would like to read more about Aysen Zamanpur, please click here.

The oldie of the week: The Hollies – The Mighty Quinn (1969)

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