January 24, 2013

Ring Ring

In their song Ring Ring ABBA says, “I was sitting by the phone / I was waiting all alone”.

The youngsters, who get acquainted with mobile phones almost just as they are born cannot imagine how life was before their era. Today, communication tools are for them something like a bag that they carry along. However, in the old days it was a tool that stayed at a certain location and could be used only if you were physically in the same room with it. Today even for making an appointment with someone we have various channels from email to Skype, while in the past such a decision could only be made if both parties were in the right location.

The developments in the communication technology lead us to feel that people will understand each other quicker. In the past we talked about important issues with each other face to face when we met. Because there are various communication channels today, you might get the feeling that through these different channels you will get the same result. Sometimes this assumption might prove to be very wrong.

Communication is very important also in the processes of company marriages. Just like in marriages in the social life, instead of speaking face to face, if you use other communication channels more then you might lose the human warmth of face to face contact. Due to simple reasons you might also miss the chance of going into a very prosperous partnership.

If you would like to listen to the song Ring Ring from ABBA, please click here.

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