January 17, 2013

Death of a little part

In many interviews, be it in written or visual media, you will find some clichés. These stereotyped phrases are formed according to what the society wishes to hear. When a reporter asks his guest his views on someone else who runs in his field, he hears something like, “He is my friend and for me his success is the same as my success,” or “We have always supported each other.” For example, a football player says, “My scoring a goal is not important. What is important is the success of the team.” However, in the last game if he had passed the ball to his friends in a few instances most probably the team would have scored a goal, but he had tried to achieve it all by himself.

Gore Vidal is an American writer who lived from 1925 to 2012. He was a very outspoken person. One of his interesting phrases is: “Every time a friend of mine succeeds a little part of me dies.”

It is of course quite natural to learn the ideas of your friends concerning various issues like: acquiring a new partner in your company, the new book you have written or your possible board membership in a company. It is always useful to obtain the views of those who would not look at the issue in such an emotional state of mind as you do. After you receive all the opinions and recommendations and pass them through your rationality filter, it is still useful to remember Mr. Vidal’s words written above. Some of your friends might not have wanted a little part of them to die.

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