January 10, 2013


“We are not experienced and knowledgeable on this subject,” said the businessman walking beside me. The subject was about a new product launched by one of their competitors. Nervously he continued:“To make music one has to know how to play an instrument. And we don’t!” “That’s not always true,” I said. “If Mayumana had thought like you do, then they would never have had their show.” “Who the hell is Mayumana?” he asked.

After I enlighted him on Mayumana and their music, we worked on his business issue. We established a road map for the shortest way of having a new product similar to that of his competitor.

Sometimes one argues as, “I can never enter this area; it is beyond my reach,” just to discover later that that area is not so unreachable once you spend some time on thinking and working on the issue. We ask our clients seeking a partner in their company, about the new areas of business expansion that they would consider even without a new partner. These new business areas direct us to various companies that might look favorably on such a partnership. Whenever we hear our clients saying, “This does not fit us… We cannot do this,” we give them the Mayumana example.

If you would like to view a performance of Mayumana, please click here.

The oldie of the week: Carpenters (Cover) – Jambalaya (1952)

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