December 6, 2012


The piano is, at least for me, “something” unique and indescribable. Whenever I sit in front of it during the dark hours of the night, it has the ability to make Me speak with Me. It can make me collect thousands of people in my mind to have them all standing up and applauding the Me in my fingertips or it can show this to the other Me inside of me to brag. Or just the opposite, it can convey a sad melody from the Me inside of me to the Me in my fingertips. Its limits are my dreams and my proficiency.

Your business is not much different from a piano. It is also sandwiched between your dreams and what you can achieve.

We ask the business owners about their dreams as they come to us to market their companies. We can already see what they can achieve. The aim is to eliminate the limitations concerning what they can achieve to help them realize their dreams.

Other than your “Me”s it is hard to find another partner to realize your dreams with your piano. Rumour has it that it is easier to find a partner for your company to realize your dreams on the business. :-)

The oldie of the week: The Beatles – Hey Jude (1968)

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