November 22, 2012

Life’s a pitch

In their book Life’s a pitch Stephen Bayley and Roger Mavity explain how you can sell yourself and your brilliant ideas. An excerpt: “So when you are pitching to someone, you’re asking them to judge the future. Since knowing the future is beyond logic, their judgment won’t be based on logical factors but on emotional factors: trust, confidence, hope, ambition, desire.”

This is one of those books where the authors share their experiences and ideas to find answers to the question, “How can one be successful?” Just like for all such books, it should be read with a questioning mind. This book got my attention recently as I have been developing a training program for the bosses of SME’s, called Selling the Future, to assist them in improving the management of their companies.

When we start working for business owners, who seek acquirers for their businesses, we tell them that this is a communication process. The main issues of this communication are the business owners themselves, the positioning of their company and the future. The future should have the highest priority. If the future does not exist, then neither the business owner nor the company will be existing. Therefore, you need to market your future really well.

To have the other party believing in your future you need to be confident of yourself and trust the other party, and you need to carry the hope and the wish to achieve that future together.

Did your last pitch include “the future”?

If you would like to get more information on the book Life’s a pitch and to order it, please click here.

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