November 8, 2012

Free hugs

One day a man named Juan Mann felt very lonely at Sydney airport as he was returning to his home in Australia. He wrote on a piece of paper Free Hugs and thereby started a new trend. The first person to hug him was someone whose dog had died that morning. The outcome was more successful than it could have been imagined.

Sometimes people need to hug another one. Considering the life style of the new generation, I believe that such a service will be needed more and more in the future. :-)

In the business life people need to develop the necessary skills for cooperation and for “hugging” each other. The same phenomenon holds true in a broader sense also for companies. The “hugging” of companies can take them to the point where they become partners.

Although the acquisition of shares may seem to be a financial issue, the decisions for partnership are given by people. Each handshake made on behalf of the companies shows in fact the agreement made between people, in other words the “hugging” of people. In general this “hugging”, differing from that of Juan Mann, can bring a considerable financial gain.

I don’t know if services similar to Juan Mann’s Free Hugs have been applied in other areas. However, I know that the local authorities, fearing public liability issues, have banned this service.

To receive more information on Free Hugs service, please click here.

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