November 1, 2012

Kiss me

“Don’t let the devil get the better of you… ” says Tarkan, the famous Turkish pop singer, in his song Kiss Me. The lyrics can be explained as straying from the “right way”, to act badly or to sin. Since sinning is out of the scope of our subject, we can concentrate on the first part of the explanation. However, we then need to define what the “right way” is. :-)

As a business owner, you need to determine what you cannot do or what you believe wouldn’t be right to do. Remembering those red lines later on may prevent you to yield to temptation.

When we go into the details of our projects, some of our clients sound like Tarkan, “We let the devil get the better of us.” Mostly, a long term advantage has been sacrificed for a short term gain. Then there is nothing left other than reminiscing about the past fun experienced for a short while.

As to the potential partners, they do not need to hear about your past partnership with the devil at all. :-)

If you would like to listen to Tarkan’s Kiss Me, please click here.

The oldie of the week: Chicago – Hard To Say I’m Sorry (1982)

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