October 18, 2012

Bond… James Bond

Some of the scenes of the last Bond movie were shot in Istanbul this summer. I’d thought that the Bond movies have been kept alive because of their music rather than their content. A video I recently watched caused me to change my view. The musics have been distinct but what made them to really come alive was the performance of the singers. I watched the performance of Shirley Bassey in her show in 2011, who had sung Goldfinger for the first time in 1964. The same woman was taking the stage in a more magnificent show after 47 years. Not to admire, is not possible.

Similarly, I admire some of the business owners that I meet. They have years of experience and various talents. I ask them to tell me their views on the future and the life they are aiming for their retirement. I notice that only a few have thought about this subject previously.

I don’t know how in 1964 Shirley Bassey imagined 2011 to be. However, I think that business owners should determine their expectations and should develop their bussiness life according to their aims if they want to live happily in the long run. Time flows very quickly. At least, planning increases the chance of realization. Looking for a partner may be part of this plan.

If you would like to view a Goldfinger performance of Shirley Bassey in 1968, please click here; and for her performance in 2011 please click here.

The oldie of the week: Black – Wonderful Life (1987)

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