October 11, 2012


Date: June 16, 2012, City: Barcelona, Location: A narrow balcony on the second floor of an appartment on Plaza de la Revolucion de Septembre de 1868

I am looking at the people in the piazza. I am sure that we have not met before, but still I may have seen even yesterday that man walking with his dog. I feel as if I also know that woman sitting with her two children in the café under the balcony.

In a few days I will leave this city, to visit it again only for business. My bond of 7 years to this city due to my son is about to break as a result of his new job. You may say,”Don’t dwell on it… there are still a lot of places in the world to visit… anyway it seems that you have already visited that city too many times.” You wouldn’t be wrong. However, repetition over a long period of time forms habit.

It had become a habit for me to look forward to my next visit to Barcelona. One which I loved a lot. Now, it is over. No relationship lasts forever. :-)

You may be curious about how I will connect this subject to company marriages. It is very simple. Think about your habits in the company. And then consider that a new partnership will make some of them impossible to keep. You can now complete the rest of the post. :-)

Farewell Barcelona!

The oldie of the week: The Equals – Baby Come Back (1968)

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