October 4, 2012


The gramophone with a huge wooden cabinet in our home is one of the clear pictures that I remember from my childhood. Among the phonograph records that my mother used to play the one I remember best is I Found My Love In Portofino. This song was most probably very popular in its time. I don’t know what its importance was in my mother’s life but I know that it was played very often. Another episode that I remember is about the phonograph record, Brigitte Bardot, which I had bought for my mother as a birthday present. It slipped from my hand just as I left the shop and broke into pieces. I had bought it with all of my savings from my weekly pocket money. We remember those events that leave deep traces in us.

In all our projects we list for our clients hundreds of candidates of potential acquirers. As we go over this list with our client one of the typical reactions we get is: “That company is no good.” When we ask “why?” the answer we receive mostly concerns an unsavoury event in the past. Most probably the other party does not even remember it. At that point we try to convince our client that the effect of this years ago encountered event is negligible on today’s issues, and so we should call that company too, to check their willingness for a potential partnership.

I wouldn’t know where you have found or are thinking of finding your love. If you say Portofino, I would say it is not a bad place. :-)

If you would like to listen to the song I Found My Love In Portofino, please click here.

The oldie of the week: Belinda Carlisle – Heaven Is A Place On Earth (1987)

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