September 20, 2012

“Don’t complain to me!”

“Let me bring you a complaint form” said the manager of the restaurant, whose owner I had seen in a popular TV program just recently. “What is your job if it is not sufficient for me to place my complaint with you?” I asked. This was not the first such case that I have experienced. Employees who could not represent the airline company, bank managers who seemed to be accidentally in the bank that day… I can make the list very long. People who don’t want to take responsibility but are seen as the person of authority.

As we talk with our clients, seeking acquirers for their businesses, sometimes we face the other side of this issue. When we point out a deficiency in their company, the owner starts a monologue which goes like, “I don’t know what to do. We send them to many training programs but they still do not take any responsibility. I need to look after everything.”

Both of the examples show us that these businesses have not turned into “companies” yet. It does not matter even if their turnover is given in millions. Once you look at the business organizations through these eyes, you will note that there are very few “companies” around. Therefore we are spending a lot of our time to prevent ourselves from falling victim to the mistakes of such inadequate authorities.

Before we seek an acquirer for a potential client, we observe the behavior of the owner and the employees in terms of responsibility. The examples cited above – after a certain level – can be a  reason for us to reject the project.

I no more frequent the restaurant I mentioned above. They could have developed a more loyal client out of me if they had treated my complaint professionally.

The oldie of the week: Dave Davies – Death Of A Clown (1967)

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