September 6, 2012

Missing the flight

We were in Izmir. During dinner I was talking with my client and his prospective foreign acquirer. At one point my client turned to me and said in Turkish that we had completed that day almost all of the issues in our agenda and that there remained only one point to be discussed. He continued by saying, “His plane is tomorrow at 5pm. We can discuss and finalize the open point tomorrow until 11am. Then I can take him to a historical sightseeing tour of Izmir.” He listened to my answer in astonishment: “We will talk on that one remaining point until he almost misses his flight.”

We all have someone to whom we have to report: Board of directors, partners, upper management, etc. When this gentleman returned to his company and gave his report about our meetings, he had to have the feeling and belief that he had worked until the last minute and achieved the best possible result. Only in such a frame of mind he could take into account your interests while answering the questions about his visit.

The gentleman in Izmir? Of course, he was barely in time for his plane. :-)

The oldie of the week: The Kinks – Sunny Afternoon (1966)

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