August 16, 2012

Cover in business

A cover song is a new performance or recording of a contemporary or previously recorded, commercially released or popular song. For example, most of the music, performed by Vonda Shepard which is played in the bar scenes in Ally McBeal TV series, was of this type. From those, the one that I remember the best is Tell Him. As far as I know the original was performed by The Exciters in 1962.

Also  in business life there are products and services to which covering has been applied. As an example I can cite Apple. While the market was full of mp3 players, they launched iPod successfully. iPhone is another good example. What is important is for the “cover maker” is to do the job better than the original one or to create the impression of doing better.

While we talk with businessmen, who seek an acquirer for their company shares, we try to understand how they make the covering if they have any. Also their prospective acquirers will look at this issue similarly. Are they only making copies or are they adding something special from themselves?

Making a good copy is also a skill; however, in the long run it only brings prestige to the one copied.

For the original of Tell Him you may click here, for the cover of Vonda Shepard you may click here.

The oldie of the week: Kansas – Dust In The Wind (1977)

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