August 9, 2012

Welcome NewMe

Day 1: “You are lucky. The tumor has not jumped around yet,” said the physician. He was inspecting my films as he put them on the backlit surface behind him. “We have to take it out and look at it. Only then we can say how it will be affecting your future life. If the tumor is limited to only that location, you may start a new life after the operation by having gotten rid of all your problems.” I was upset with the physician as I was leaving his room. He wanted to cut me for the sake of renewing me. However, I started to go through the examinations he asked me to have.

Day 2: I had a very busy day. I didn’t even think about the issue.

Day 3: I assembled a project group. They would advise me on what to do depending on the information I had available.

Day 6: The advice of the project group was unanimously taken: “Even if you do not like what your physician had said, you have to have this operation. “

Day 9: “Soon you will be feeling sleepy,” said a voice behind me. Those were the last words heard by OldMe.

When we inspect the companies of our clients who are looking for a partner, there are cases where we inform them that there are some “tumors” which can cause a dissatisfaction in the potential partner. One of the solutions is to form a new company, a NewCo.  Thus the new partner will not be affected by the “tumors” which have been built up before the new partnership.

Day 16: I thank God… congratulate the project group… love my doctor… welcome NewMe.

The oldie of the week: Bobby Hebb – Sunny (1968)

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