July 26, 2012

No point in denying

An excerpt from Internet: “We’ve all done it. There’s really no point in denying it. Once there’s a chance of seeing your own reflection against a store’s window, you pretend you’re merely quite interested in an item, when in fact you’re just looking at yourself.” Without reaching a level of narcissism, caring about one’s appearance and a bit of self-admiration shouldn’t be considered harmful.

If only one could look at his/her workplace with the same attention even once a day… Actually, our workplace is a mirror of our character. When someone, who doesn’t know us, looks at our workplace even for a short time, he/she would form an opinion about us.

Years ago together with one of the directors of our company I was visiting a corporation. I remember our director asking me, “Could one go into a partnership with a man whose desk is so disorganized?” as he viewed the chaos on the desk.

Generally, we get used to our workplace after working a long time there and do not sense many of those details which might be viewed negatively by others. To prevent such a case, we share with our clients all our negative impressions concerning their workplace that we received during our first visit to their premises. As the Turkish proverb goes: “You can tell a lion from its lair.” :-)

If you would like to view a performance of Gene Kelly, whereby he is talking to himself on a shop window, please click here.

The oldie of the week: The Tokens – The Lion Sleeps Tonight (1969)

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