July 5, 2012

Loneliness at the top

“She leads a lonely life” says the beginning of the song All That She Wants from 1990’s by Ace of Base. The song is about the loneliness of a woman. If you are one of the managers at the top, irrespective of your gender, you are in fact lonely. You can have your assistants, consultants and board of directors. If the final word needs to come from you, then you are alone. I don’t know if your loneliness carries you to the top or if the path to the top makes you lonely. I know that once you are at the top you will spend some of the most important moments of your time alone.

The peak of the top means power. Mostly, the road to power is not without stones and many of those striving for the top cannot achieve their aim. The peak of a pyramid is narrow. Also it is not easy to leave the top place, which one has attained with so much work and hardship. Everyone hopes to receive at some point the rewards of all that suffering.

In some of our projects we meet professional top managers, who do not want their shareholders to sell their business. Such a situation causes them to be anxious about their future. It is important to soothe their anxiety in the beginning, and they shouldn’t be left alone in this issue.

If you would like to view the video clip of All That She Wants, please click here.

The oldie of the week: ABBA – The Winner Takes It All (1980)

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