How much?

March 27, 2019

Would you accept such an offer?

Assume you own a 15 years old business with 10 million Euros annual turnover. There are a couple of companies in your size that you would call competitors. Your market goes through a consolidation period. One of your competitors was bought recently by an international company at 1.4 times its turnover. A week ago you’ve […]

October 13, 2011

The IKEA effect

In his new book “The Upside of Irrationality” Dan Ariely writes about a type of behavior, which he labels as “The IKEA Effect”. He states, “[...] experiments taught us that we become attached to things that we invest effort in creating, and, once that happens, we start to overvaluing these objects.” The writer indicates that […]

April 28, 2011

The measure of beauty

An old saying goes as: “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. Each of the people that we interact with sees us differently. The methodology we use in our business enables us to measure this level of beauty for companies. Under competitive conditions, potential partners of our clients state the beauty level as they […]

August 12, 2010

Reason for the loss

Most of the conventional methods for evaluating companies are applied by taking into account your profit of the previous year. This profit figure multiplied by a coefficient, which is determined in the financial world, plays the main role in the evaluation of your company. Multiplying a negative number by a positive coefficient still gives a […]

August 5, 2010

Milking the cow

When you analyze the balance sheets of some financially troubled companies and the accumulated wealth of the shareholders, you would see that they have placed the profits of their company in other investments like real estate. The company is in debt. The shareholders, believing that the other investments would bring in higher profits than the […]

July 15, 2010


I belong to those people who believe that it is necessary to walk a lot and look around to understand a city and its people and to experience the developments in that location. Two weeks ago I was in Sofia to give one of my seminars  which we had organized again together with the Bulgarian […]

June 17, 2010

The dilemma

At the beginning of my seminars I ask the participants: “Is it necessary to determine a sales price for your company shares when you decide to sell all or some of them?” The answer is always the same: “Yes”. Naturally, we ask the price when we buy something. If the seller doesn’t tell us the […]

February 11, 2010

Selling the future…

When you look at the rules established in the leading companies concerning company acquisitions, you will note that more than half of those rules deal with the future. Our clients ask us what information about their company like their balance sheets and profit/loss statements they should bring with them to our first meeting. We tell […]

December 10, 2009

‘Value’ instead of ‘Price’

The most important factor in the sales of your company shares is you, yourself. The sales of your company shares is a personal matter. We at BCMS  always talk about the ‘value’ of company shares and do not use ‘value’ as the synonym of ‘price’. Price is only a part of value. Before you sell […]