Getting ready

December 26, 2018

A lifetime of breeding excellence

From “In the early 1950s David Austin set out to create a more beautiful rose. Sixty years on, from a hobby breeder as a young teenager David Austin has gone on to breed a collection of roses renowned across the world. All David Austin roses have beautiful blooms and in most cases wonderful fragrance […]

August 23, 2018


oxforddictionaries(.)com defines “self-deception” as: The action or practice of allowing oneself to believe that a false or unvalidated feeling, idea, or situation is true. Almost all of the clients that I’ve advised to find a partner for their business were good salesmen; at least they were not bad salesmen. Some sold goods, slow or fast […]

June 2, 2016

Tears for “Joy”

Beethoven premiered his Ninth Symphony on May 7, 1824 at the Kaerntnertortheater in Vienna. The most unique feature of “The Ninth” was the chorus and vocal soloists in the final movement. His “Ode to Joy” based on Friedrich Schiller’s poem has become one of the most recognized melodies. Although his deafness did not allow him […]

May 5, 2016

Hotel California

I assume most of you know this song by The Eagles. The ballad is about a man who stops at a hotel for the night: it’s the Hotel California. A mysterious woman greets him at the door. The woman is rich and fun loving, and her friends are beautiful. But at some point our guest […]

September 24, 2015

Divorce reducing company value

“I would never mix my business life with my personal life!” I’m sure some of you share this view. What I don’t know is the percentage of those of us that in reality mix these two, irrespective of what we believe. ☺ The separation of couples from each other is one of the important incidents […]

August 27, 2015

Ms. Schuback’s apples

In the city of Jork in Germany Ulrike Schuback is showing around to Charlotte Parnack, the reporter from Die Zeit newspaper, her fields of apple trees and is explaining about the situation she is facing: this year she won’t pick the apples and will be waiting for them to fall to the ground. As a […]

July 2, 2015

No more lost in numbers

According to the article by Jill Treanor in on June 9, 2014, The Financial Reporting Council in the UK, which oversees corporate governance codes and accounting standards, has published new guidelines urging companies to produce clearer and more concise information. The idea, according to the article, is to reduce the amount of verbiage in […]

November 6, 2014

Technology affecting sunbathing habits

Once it was a sign of freedom, of liberation, of women’s rights… but according to French Elle, women have stopped sunbathing topless in France. According to the magazine, the main reasons for this decision are threefold: 1) the dangers of skin cancer; 2) the sexually objectified perception of topless women; and 3) the rise of […]

November 21, 2013

Harvard Business Manager

I was walking around in the Zurich airport while waiting to board my plane. I couldn’t resist myself and went into one of the bookstores again. Even though my backpack was filled to the top with books… As I went over the racks I noticed a magazine called Harvard Business Manager. I was curious to […]

October 24, 2013

Cale and Blues

Blues is the name given to a musical form [...] that originated in African-American communities [...] of the United States around the end of the 19th century. (It) is a cyclic form in which a repeating progression of chords mirrors the call and response scheme commonly found in African [...] music. John Weldon Cale, who […]