April 24, 2014

Raindrops on Beethoven’s music

Beethoven worked on the Appassionata at a time when French soldiers occupied Vienna. One of Ludwig’s patrons – Prince Lichnowsky – befriended some of those soldiers. Resenting requests to perform for such people, in general, Beethoven exploded one night when Lichnowsky asked for a similar favor. Beethoven stormed out of the house, his Appassionata manuscript […]

March 27, 2014

200 million records

It was freezing outside. When you entered into the building the warm air surrounded you like a saviour. When the man stepped into the concert hall a dense smoke welcomed him. The last thing that the man remembered was accepting a hand-rolled cigarette in bewilderment from the woman sitting next to him, taking a puff […]

March 13, 2014

Eating popcorn

According to a news report in The Guardian newspaper in UK: Eating popcorn in the cinema may be irritating […] for advertisers: a group of researchers from Cologne University has concluded that chewing makes us immune to film advertising. The reason why adverts manage to imprint brand names on our brains is that our lips […]

January 16, 2014

A bed for the lover

In his song Bed Of Roses Bon Jovi sings to his sweetheart whom he wants to be his lover: I want to lay you down in a bed of roses For tonite I sleep on a bed of nails In some of our projects the psychology of the businessmen reflects a similar situation when they […]

December 5, 2013

Predicting sexuality based on Facebook profiles

From the Internet page of the American newspaper NY Daily News: “Gaydar project at MIT attempts to predict sexuality based on Facebook profiles. [...] In the project, dubbed Gaydar, (researchers) Jernigan and Mistree pored over Facebook data compiled from a software program looking at the gender and sexuality of a user’s friends. Based on that […]

November 21, 2013

Harvard Business Manager

I was walking around in the Zurich airport while waiting to board my plane. I couldn’t resist myself and went into one of the bookstores again. Even though my backpack was filled to the top with books… As I went over the racks I noticed a magazine called Harvard Business Manager. I was curious to […]

October 10, 2013

Communicating love

The script of the short movie Signs was written by Patrick Hughs, Karl Fleet and Nick Worthington. The film was directed by Patrick Hughs and was a 2009 Cannes Lions winner. Signs is a romantic short story about two people working in opposite office towers who communicate and eventually find love. Opposite towers or two […]

September 26, 2013

A brassiere story

Many people store away their winter wear when summer arrives and their summer wear when winter begins. Most probably he also wanted to do just that when he put his belongings away. He could not know that this would make history one day. According to an essay in the German newspaper Die Zeit those living […]

August 29, 2013


When did you do your last crazy act? Or are you one of those who run away if there is any craziness involved? ☺ Of course, the definition of craziness differs from one person to another but as we get older the level of the crazy things we do decreases relatively. With my knowledge and […]

August 15, 2013

Regretful lover

Let’s say you were about to marry the person you loved. However, something happened and your lover left you. Then something else happened and your lover wanted to come back to you. What would you do? You might ask how such a personal issue could be related to company marriages. The relationship is there because […]