September 24, 2015

Divorce reducing company value

“I would never mix my business life with my personal life!” I’m sure some of you share this view. What I don’t know is the percentage of those of us that in reality mix these two, irrespective of what we believe. ☺ The separation of couples from each other is one of the important incidents […]

September 10, 2015

Love found by survey

I assume none of us enjoy the ads distributed between the videos we are watching in YouTube. We have to accept it as the cost of “having it free”, I think. Though some of them are interesting as an ad. Such a case for me was the video made for the company SurveyMonkey. (SurveyMonkey is […]

February 26, 2015

Computers as negotiators?

If you own a company and hope to sell it in the distant future, consider this: you might be sitting opposite a computer at the negotiation table, instead of another human being. According to a report by Jan Hoffman published in NY Times, in recent years scientists have striven for a complex goal: programming computers […]

September 11, 2014

Lie to me!

“Let’s ask them those questions by e-mail!” said my client. Ahead of some complex company sale negotiations, we wanted to discover what a potential investor really thought about some aspects of my client’s business. We knew it would be very hard to verify their answers. “Let’s not do that,” I suggested. “Let’s ask these questions […]

August 14, 2014

Pushing one’s luck

I don’t find it particularly reasonable when people put themselves in a dangerous position, only to say “I was lucky” when things work out. I have a different phrase: “Pushing one’s luck”. One of our clients received a good offer from an international company for the partial sale of his business. Following our work on […]

July 17, 2014

I was wrong!

Sorry… I was wrong! Until recently, I would have said that emotional factors have more bearing on M&A transactions involving SMEs than major corporate transactions. SME owners are more affected by personal issues and emotions than the big corporate players, surely? Corporate transactions are based more on technical negotiations, and all parties at the table […]

July 3, 2014

An unfulfilled will

In the first half of the nineteenth century, the waltz became the most popular dance of all. Works by composers like Strauss and Joseph Lanner were the ‘hit records’ of their day. Frédéric Chopin composed a number of celebrated waltzes too, and in spite of their traditional form and conventions, these are immediately recognizable as […]

June 19, 2014

How much do you love me?

There are nine million bicycles in Beijing /That’s a fact, It’s a thing we can’t deny / Like the fact that I will love you till I die. Words from the lyrics of a Katie Melua song, Nine Million Bicycles. It is kind of an extrapolation of the scene where a child is told, “Show […]

May 22, 2014

Home field advantage

The researchers Graham Brown and Markus Baer published the results of some of their works under the heading Location in negotiation: Is there a home field advantage? in “Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes” in March 2011. They stated that: “[…] by experimentally manipulating participants’ occupancy status […] we find that residents of an office […]

May 8, 2014

Without a beginning or an end

Concerning what we talked about yesterday Luck??? I think there is no luck or coincidence There is only what you want and what you believe in, full stop. To this message I responded as follows: Thank you very much for your comment. By your saying “full stop” I understand that you don’t want to talk […]