April 20, 2022

Unborn projects – UP 1

In the years passed, I have developed many projects, both as part of my business life and as hobby. Some of them turned into brands. (*) Some of them fell short because I was ahead of the time, like my drip irrigation project. But there are some which couldn’t even be “born”. Three of them […]

January 18, 2022


I just checked: I’ve been writing blogs since November 4th, 2009. I started to write them under the heading “reflections” embedded at my website Until about a year ago they (There are more than 400 of them.) reflected my experiences in business life, trying to help SME owners. In the last months I have […]

November 23, 2021

Who said it’s logical

I recently read that Apple introduced the Apple Music Voice plan. It is said to be a voice control-only access to the service’s catalog of 90 million songs. With it, one should be playing everything — full albums, individual songs, Apple’s playlists. Years ago, I gave away my cassette library. And built up a CD […]

November 1, 2021

You Tell Me

When was that summer when the skies were blue? The bright red cardinal flew down from his tree You tell me When was that summer when it never rained? The air was buzzin’ with the sweet old honeybee Let’s see You tell me Were we there? Was it real? Is it truly how I feel? […]

September 21, 2021

Why do I compose?

Mozart said: I cannot write poetically, for I am no poet. I cannot make fine artistic phrases that cast light and shadow, for I am no painter. I can neither by signs nor by pantomime express my thoughts and feelings, for I am no dancer; but I can by tones, for I am a musician. […]

July 5, 2021


For me listening to music is an enjoyable event in almost any setting. For example, while swimming… When you put a waterproof mp3 player on your ears, even the strokes can become a part of the music you are listening to. I enjoy among the different settings also the streets. And the music of the […]

May 26, 2021

End of the line

You can sit around and wait for the phone to ring (at the end of the line) Waiting for someone to tell you everything (at the end of the line) Sit around and wonder what tomorrow will bring (at the end of the line) Maybe a diamond ring Well, it’s alright, even if they say […]

April 27, 2021

Love at first sound

Video and music channels play new songs over and over again because we usually get to like a music piece after frequently listening to it. But I “fall in love” with some songs the first time I hear them. Examples? – Zürich, Switzerland 1988. I turned on the TV in my hotel room to check […]

March 23, 2021

HERITAGE, Part 5/5 – The Delivery

After receiving my scores, Anjelika Akbar agreed to be my consultant. It took me about 6 months to play the 8 piano pieces of the project, at a quality level that was worth to be recorded. I don’t know how many sleepless nights I had during those 6 months. It should not be forgotten that […]

March 3, 2021

HERITAGE, Chapter 4/5 – Recital

Sitting at that white grand piano, I realized that my past experiences in business life were not very helpful to me. It also didn’t matter much that I have studied those 8 pieces over and over. Anjelika Akbar sat on a chair next to the piano. My drama made itself visible right in the middle […]